Write 5 pages thesis on the topic constructive and destructive environmental plans.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic constructive and destructive environmental plans. The Democratic Party is looking forward to changing this Image completely through various projects that are about to unfold, with environmental safety as their key concentration. Let us analyze about two such projects.

Nearly 2.4 billion metric tons of Carbon dioxide is emitted into the US sky through the 500 power plants and the oil refineries present here. This constitutes nearly 40% of the total Carbon dioxide emission in the country (Biello). The new rules will force the refineries and the power plants to avoid using fossil-fuel for energy and look for other alternative means like natural gas. The practical applicability of the plan is still under question. EPA is seeking the co-operation of the state governments to upgrade the age-old techniques used in the power plants and refineries. Though there is much opposition to the move from Congress, the President had already waived a green flag for EPA to formulate the rule within the next couple of months approximately.

Forcing down Carbon dioxide emission means using natural gas as an alternative which is way expensive than the current methods. This will result in increased electricity and gasoline bills for the consumer. But, the government is announcing various subsidies for the power plants and oil refineries to keep the prices in check. New Source Performance Standards have framed new rules for using several items in steam generating units like its generators. It closely monitors the emissions of PM, SO2, and NOX from this equipment and orders for an upgrade if they are beyond the permitted level. Various measures like the Acid Rain program and Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants programs will be used to monitor the power plants. Petroleum refineries will be scrutinized under the Catalytic Reforming and Catalytic cracking of the Sulphur plants program.

President Obama’s various measures to make the US environment a cleaner and greener one have resulted in complete failure in the past. The Solyndra project which received nearly $535 million aid from the US government proved to be a failure, which came as a death blow to President Obama’s solar electricity dream.


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