Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the us, british, and japanese government systems.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the us, british, and japanese government systems. In Japan, prominence is given to the respective ministries in which bureaucrats are entrusted with policy-making and other processes up to implementation, a duty which is limited to their respective ministries. The Presidential system of the U.S. presents a situation whereby the three branches of government namely. executive, legislature and judiciary. One interesting thing is that all the branches share power. The President is directly elected by the people and has no mutual dependence on the legislature. In sharing of responsibilities, all the three branches have a say policy formulation and implementation, thereby making them to act as checks and balances to one another.

Just like Britain, Japan subscribes to a parliamentary system of government. Under this system, the fate of the Prime Minister and the legislature are in the same boat in which wreckage affects the two and successful voyage translates to happiness for all. This factor controls the actions of the two for or against each other and forces them to work together even in times of sharp differences. In a Presidential system, on the other hand, has a mutual independence between the executive president and the legislature. Here the two sail on different boats and wreckage in one rarely affects the other. In such a situation, the possibility of blame game and political stalemate is relatively high.

The policy-making processes differ in the two systems. In Japan, like in other countries with almost similar systems like Nigeria, the process highly depends on not only personal relations but also informal connections. These two also affect the implementation of the policies. In the US, congressional committees play a big role in policy-making and implementation. The parliament only has little chance to take part in the process, and this comes in the executive. This, therefore, gives a big chance to the policy communities as well as civil servants.


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