Write 5 pages with APA style on Banning Ads on Certain Products in the Interest of Health.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Banning Ads on Certain Products in the Interest of Health. Companies in the manufacture or sale of cigarettes are expected to go against the ban. The said players of tobacco industry argue that such a ban would unjustifiably curtail or restrains their commercial freedom. They argue on the basic freedom with legality so that for them selling a product that is legal, should allow them to make known their products to the consuming public (Vickers). For them, any effort or regulation to restrict their right to advertising would sound inconsistent or illegal with the government allowing them to have their trade legally registered. The proponents are telling the government to open up their minds if the said government would have to allow them to pay taxes, they must be allowed to advertise as part of their marketing strategies (Vickers).

However, it can be seen that the propositions forwarded by industry players are based on weak or unstable foundations and the government may not be willing to concede. While industry players argue that cigarette advertising should enable to compete effectively for bigger market share for their brands. In other words, they are saying that they are just promoting brands (Vickers). While the sale of cigarette is allowed despite the dangers to health of smoking, allowing the trade legal would allow the right of the individual to take pleasure that they would want from consuming cigarette including claims of psychological benefits.

The argument against the ban is primarily, therefore, addressed to the young people or children and a ban to advertising is meant to prevent or stop the children from becoming addicted to cigarettes which will they will carry to adulthood. If adults would have more chance of cancer from smoking than those other adults that do not smoke, it can be argued that the children would suffer the same way.&nbsp.


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