Write 5 pages with APA style on Eating Disorder in Film Norbit by Brian Robbins.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Eating Disorder in Film Norbit by Brian Robbins. The film portrays the huge body size as being associated with gluttony and laziness. The overweight character is not socially acceptable in the film as it is directly associated with overeating. The character thus becomes a bully as a way of self-defense. The laziness character is portrayed in the engagement in illegal business to get quick money without working hard for it. On the other hand, the slim body size is appreciated as it is associated with beauty and hard work from both genders. The slim people are considered flexible at work and tend to care more about others rather than concentrating on their own selves. Therefore, the spectator’s body image is directly affected by the film as they are comparing themselves with the characters in the film and would like to have the same body as that of the appreciated character. Those who are already huge are also affected as they hate being associated with the undesired character of the antagonist.

Furthermore, the eating habits of the spectators are bound to change soon after the change of their body image. Girls and women embrace the idealization of thinness in the media leading to an unsatisfactory view of their body, thus desiring thinness (Fox-Kales 60). Since a slim body is associated with beauty, the spectators will desire to be thin thus changing their eating habits in a bid to slim. Some spectators will reduce the amount of food intake as they fear&nbsp.adding weight. This may affect their health negatively as the body lacks the basics it requires for good health. Some may engage in extreme body exercise hoping to lose weight. this leads to over-eating to recover the energy lost. The women are also known to induce vomiting after overeating for fear of gaining weight.&nbsp.Those engaging in overeating and extreme exercise tend to be of normal body weight and fairly good health though having the RN eating disorder. The ones who fear weight gain eat a very small amount of food at times starving themselves and are mostly underweight with their health being affected negatively.


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