Write 5 pages with APA style on How Micro Credit Empowerment Has Led to Domestic Violence in Intra Households.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on How Micro Credit Empowerment Has Led to Domestic Violence in Intra Households. The State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign 2001 Report indicated that 14.2 million of the world’s poorest women had access to financial services through microfinance institutions. banks. NGOs. and other nonbank financial institutions. These included 74 percent of the 19.3 million of the world’s poorest people served by microfinance institutions. Donor poverty alleviation strategies have focussed on micro-finance strategies targeting women. Initiatives by CGAP and member donor agencies will cause an increase in funding, and this expansion is dominated by the “financial self-sustainability paradigm.” The aim is to develop programs that are profitable and fully self-supporting, with the ability to raise funds from international financial markets rather than relying on funds from various development agencies. The concern for financial sustainability and evidence of higher repayment rates by women has led many programs to target women. Aid donors. governments. scholars. and other development experts have focussed on microfinance as a strategy capable of reaching women and involving them in the development process (Cheston and Kuhn, 2005).

A survey of 1300 households reported that 19 percent women being beaten. married women between 20-29 years with the likelihood to be beaten than elder women. women with loans or schooling were less likely to be beaten. nonmicrofinance women had a 3 times higher likelihood among Grameen clients, and 2 times higher likelihood to be beaten among BRAC clients. The study concluded that microfinance could lead to increased confidence. decision making. and control over resources. A natural reaction to the challenge of patriarchy, by participation in microfinance programs can lead to a short term increase in violence. Domestic violence results from deep-rooted structures of power and ideological norms. Other studies found that microfinance is not a solution, but opens up possibilities for poor women.


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