Write 5 pages with APA style on Self Reflection: Wellness and Coping that Needed Evaluation.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Self Reflection: Wellness and Coping that Needed Evaluation. Initially, I had a lot of expectation on learning new concepts related to the personal wellness and coping plan for various stresses, both physical, social and mental stresses that I experience as a student. From the course outline, the class was ideal for meeting my wellness knowledge requirement. The personal objective was to develop a natural wellness plan. The wellness program could aid in coming up with the contemporary lifestyle related issues such as obesity, unfitness among other western dominated lifestyle-related health problem. These, in turn, were to result in enhanced personal life quality.

Being a student as well, improvement in wellness and coping plan leads to an increase in performance. Due to the attendance of the class, I expected to learn new concepts about wellness that would eventually translate into an improvement in the personal performance both in-class and out of class. The class also was to provide me with the opportunity of making inquiries especially those related to the wellness and coping plan. Such inquiries were to assist in making due improvement in my wellness program and also help other friends and colleagues on such issues.

There are several things and issues in regards to my wellness that requires evaluation as a result of participating in class. Initially, my wellness plan was almost wholly centered on physical wellness. Much of the time I was carrying out physical exercises, for instance, resistance training in the gym or other physical training in the field.

However, the class focused much on meditation as a form of a well and coping plan. I learned that everything started and end with the mind. As a result of these, everything is created twice, in the mind and eventually in its physical form. The wellness of the mind, therefore, constitutes an important category of wellness that dictates the quality of our individual lives.&nbsp.


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