Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the transition of the teens to the adulthood.

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the transition of the teens to the adulthood. Teens have the tendency of making a good first impression upon meeting their female counterparts. Such an idea is what Sammy is doing in John Updike’s “A & P”. Though some readers may conclude that Sammy is a hero for standing for his sole beliefs up on quitting his job, it is evident that he quits for a love impression with the girl that he is attracted to, Queenie. Such an idea makes him be proud of his deed and bring attention to the girl. Consequently, Sammy seems to be fallen in love at first sight with Queenie as he goes ahead to describe how the girl looks like and her manners. For instance he says, “She was the Queen. She kind of led them, the other two peeking around and making their shoulders round”. Therefore, it well depicts that, Sammy is still in his adolescence stage as he cannot understand the risk of mixing his job responsibility with love feelings that he wants everyone to note them.Sammy appears to be&nbsp. opinionated, disaffected and sarcastic teenager as he keeps a keen sense of ladies within the working environment. The idea of noticing every female sex around him indicates that he is immature and sleazy. He goes to an extent of noting their physical appearances, their texture, as well as their tan lines. He argues, “And the women generally put on a shirt or shorts or something before they get out of the car and into the street. And anyway these are usually women with six children and varicose veins mapping their legs and nobody, including them could care less”.


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