Write 7 pages thesis on the topic elles structure and content: multimedia engagement with audiences.

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Write 7 pages thesis on the topic elles structure and content: multimedia engagement with audiences. Female fashion magazine contents influence millions of women. They influence their values, beliefs, and behaviors. The images in these magazines serve as woman-to-woman socializing agents

Elle is one of the market leaders in the mass print media. Elle magazine is stylish, and that stylishness is appealing to its target audience – women. The female viewers of the magazine can enjoy the glamour of high fashion products that they think might transform their female gendered bodies into an ideal. According to Thompson et al. (1999), people have a tendency of assessing themselves on various criteria such as physical attractiveness. They compare themselves to gender-specific ideas communicated to them by both the visual and print media. Elle’s representation of the ideal female body as beautiful influences the body shape women desire and strive to achieve.

Elle magazine has used celebrities such as Blake Lively. Blake Lively’s display of pregnant women styles may be very appealing to women who are pregnant and who are aspiring. Elle presents Blake’s pictures both before giving birth and four months after giving birth. Blake acts as a powerful role model for pregnant women to emulate, and her idealized images can be regarded as prototypes used by pregnant women to evaluate their looks. Each and every page in Elle constructs what women expect. Winkler and Caroline (2012) argue that women’s magazines form an imaginary community that ties women together, particularly women who spend much time alone, at home, or with children. For example, the story cited above about Blake Lively is a good example of what pregnant women might like or expect. Every pregnant expects to be back in the shape she was in before pregnancy.

As observed by Nash (2014), a primary concern for pregnant women often centers on whether they will regain their pre-pregnancy body shape. The current cultural norms are that a woman should bounce back to her body weight and shape after giving birth.


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