Write 8 pages with APA style on Human Resources and Information Technology in OTD Inc.

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Write 8 pages with APA style on Human Resources and Information Technology in OTD Inc. The business is securing millions of dollars in revenue each year, however, net income is much lower proportionately to its volume intake of cash and receipts. This represents cost allocation to areas of the business that can be improved through operational changes. OTD Inc. requires a new focus on human resources coupled with a transformation of management and control.

Salaries represent 70.9 per cent of a standard operating budget in this industry, including staff and managing payroll. This is an enormous burden on an operational budget when pressures to expand are being created from governance officials. “Operational effectiveness involves improving process performance by leading and controlling the processes within the firm” (Santa, Ferrer, Bretherton & Hyland, 156). Telecom and information technology take a much lower position in terms of total expenditures, which are systems that are designed to support the business and its expansion goals through more streamlined service provision and software. These employees are not operating in foreign environments that require volumes of management expertise, as cultural dimensions in like nations ensure a more quality leadership model. A flatter management hierarchy with improved self-governance software would remove the considerable payroll burden from OTD and further benefit its technology innovation presence in multiple markets.

At the inherent level, people of most cultures have generic needs systems. These include personal recognition, a need for esteem both self-driven and motivated by the external environment, and demand for affiliation (Gambrel & Cianci, 145). Though there are other human behavioral and personality needs present, these are universal concepts that are applicable in most like culture governance systems. There is also the ill-conceived notion that employees respond well in systems with a great deal of management presence. Old, rather outdated concepts such as Theory X suggest high control environments and a more rigid&nbsp.management system are the most effective in driving performance.&nbsp.


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