Write 9 pages with APA style on Strengths and Weaknesses of Internet Censorship.

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Write 9 pages with APA style on Strengths and Weaknesses of Internet Censorship. Internet censorship ensures that sexually explicit images and videos are not viewed especially by children. It ensures that those using children’s pornographic articles and videos are sued and the site can be closed. This ensures that moral decay in society is prevented because such sites encourage children to engage in sexual activities that are not suitable at their age.

Internet censorship ensures that the speech or words of an author that may cause harm to a specific group or individual are not disseminated. Videos or articles that may attack a particular race or religion may be blocked to encourage religious and racial harmony.

There is information that a country may consider to be sensitive and should not be passed to the public. As sensitive as this information may be, there are those who may have access to it like the intelligence agencies and if the internet is not censored they can easily pass this to the public. Censorship ensures that search information is not passed to the public and hence preserving the secrets of the nation.

Countries may have military information that may not want the enemy state to know about. Censorship ensures that such information is not passed to the enemy state via the internet. Any site that publishes such sensitive information may be blocked and authors prosecuted (Buzzle, 2013).

There are pictures or videos on the internet that may influence people negatively, examples are scenes of people smoking, or consuming alcohol that may lead people to copy them. Censuring may ensure that such scenes are not passed to the citizens. This ensures that the moral standards of the country are maintained.

There are online articles and videos that have stunts that may be dangerous to the public if they copy. Censorship in a particular region ensures that such sites are blocked.


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