Write a 1 page paper on self reflection evaluation of standardized patient exams.

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Write a 1 page paper on self reflection evaluation of standardized patient exams. Self Evaluation al Affiliation: Self Evaluation Question During this experience, I learnt why male registered nurses do not get a lot of experience in the sector. Over the years, the number of male nurses has increased over the years. This results from the changing roles in the society. However, the perception that nursing is a professional for women has made many of them not to focus on gaining experience but just to work in order to earn a living.

Question 2

Coaching exams at the SP centre were more informative and engaging. They made me to remain focused towards my personal goals. I feel that they should be expanded and be given more frequently in order to improve the attention of the students.

Question 3

Yes, I am pleased with the way I communicated during the interview. This is because I was able to maintain an eye contact and give the time for the interviewee to answer the questions. This is very critical in retrieving the information. However, if it happens again, I would start with simple questions in order to gain the trust of interviewee.

Question 4

In the video, two things that I did well are active listening and displaying appropriate empathy. These are skills that I learned during training. They were important in enabling me to get in-depth information from the interviewee.

Question 5

After watching video, I realize that if I was given another opportunity, I would train more and ask more questions with the SP. This is through reading more books and watching videos of effective interviews. This would enable me to learn more skills from other professionals.

Question 6

My main goal is to gain experience in the nursing career. I also intend to learn the bigger picture of the FNP role. This would be significant in enabling me to understand ways of serving the patients better.


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