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Please read the following article and type a (250 words minimum), double space writeup that answers the following questions. You are not summarizing this article. This entire writeup should be your opinion based on this article and the chapter material (15 points).
1.) Does the globalization of McDonald¿s adversely or positively affect the culture of different nations?
2.) Some say that the globalization of McDonalds is a bad thing because everyone will be exposed to the same food; others say that it is a good thing because you are always able to eat something you recognize and like. What are your opinions?
3.) Ever since the ¿melting pot¿ expression has been used to describe America, do you think that the mix of Americanized cultures and foods, such as American Chinese food, is healthy for the promotion of diversity in this country? If so, why? If not, why not?

File Food and Globalization.pdf


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