Write a 5 pages paper on the politics, significance, and prospects of the new eu leadership.

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Write a 5 pages paper on the politics, significance, and prospects of the new eu leadership. The Lisbon Treaty initially faced opposition from Irish voters however the treaty gathered significant support during the second referendum. The Lisbon Treaty introduced many changes into the constitution some of which include changes to the tenure for the president of the European Council, introduction of the post-High Representative, redistribution of voting weightage, and so on (BBC, 2014). Despite having various similarities with the draft constitution, the Lisbon Treaty was an attempt to start anew thereby replacing all earlier treaties. Hence, the Treaty of Lisbon is important because it amended two critical treaties before it – the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community.

The main purpose of the treaty was to start again with a treaty that replaces the previous ones at the same time encouraging the democratic process and promoting transparency. The main objection to the previous constitution came from France and Netherlands in 2005 with optimism by the United Kingdom for amendments. The agreement of the Lisbon Treaty took about eight years to fully pass after the effort was initiated in 2001 at the Laeken Summit. The final draft was accepted in 2007 but it took two more years for the Lisbon Treaty to be adopted without any opposition as the Irish voters agree as well (BBC, 2014). Therefore, the Lisbon Treaty stemmed from the recognition of the need to have an amending treaty that was fresh, replaced the previous treaties, and addressed the new challenges being faced by the European Union.

Herman Van Rompuy – who was the Prime Minister of Belgium – was formally elected by the European Council on 1 December 2009, the same day the Lisbon Treaty was accepted as law (Piris, 2010). Van Rompuy was the first President of the European Union whose position was full time. Being the first elected President of the EU after the Lisbon Treaty, there was a great need to have a full-time President for the union. The earlier form of presidency which ran for six months was not efficient enough in the long run and could not focus on the larger issues. There are also time constraints involved where part-time presidents could not fulfill their duties as well. So, Van Rompuy was the first full-time President to be elected after the Lisbon Treaty.


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