Write a brief response to each question

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THE course is English 101

Write a brief response (350-500 words) that answers one, a few, or all of the following questions: What are your expectations for this course? How do you think you can relate what we will learn in English 101 to your own aspirations? What has been your previous relationship to writing? What is your writing process? How does Lamott’s essay make you feel better (or worse) about writing for this course? End your journal with a question you have for me. (I will not accept “I don’t have a question” as a response.)

I will talk about myself briefly to help you in your writing

I am planing to study petroleum engineering, I am international student. I love fashion, shopping, Soccer, and drawing.

I will upload two files, you must read them both to help you answer some questions.

One of them called Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird”, you have to read it.


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