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I need a cover letter for a telecommuters position working as a web search engine evaluator. If you could please include the following questions and answers in the cover letter I would love it! Thanks.

1. What language are you applying for? (Let us know if you are also submitting applications for other languages as well) English

2. In the past EIGHT years, have you spent at least a year total living in the applied for country? Yes

3. In the past FOUR years how many times have you visited that country? I reside in the country.

4. In what ways do you keep up to date with the local culture? Write a creative answer for this I am a U.S citizen. 

5. Do you currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent in another country) or higher? Bachelors Degree in Business Administration

6. Do you currently reside in the US and do you have legal authorization to work in the US? Yes

These are a few of the job requirements if you would like to incorporate this in the cover letter.

Job Requirements

BA/BS or equivalent degree preferred, or equivalent experience
Ability to comprehend newspaper-level text quickly in the applied for language 
Recent experience living abroad in the applied for country. A year total within the past eight years is preferred, or shorter, frequent visits in recent years. You will not be considered for the role unless you have spent time in that country
Ability to interpret both the content and tone of colloquialisms, regionalisms, and other subtleties specific to the applied for language. Detect when advertising language sounds funny, awkward, or unnatural, even if grammatically correct
Extensive experience (as a user/consumer) of the applied for country’s internet and print culture
Extensive out-of-classroom experience with the applied for language, media, and culture
A high-speed, secure, private internet connection and your own desktop or laptop
Valid US work authorization. We do not hire outside the US
Moderate ability to read and write in English. You must be able to read and write English well enough to use software with an English interface, understand complicated instructions written in English, and make yourself understood in informal written communication. This job involves frequent written discussion in English with fellow Ads Quality Raters and project administrators.


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