Write a paragraph response to both posts // 5-6 sentences for each post.

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ASSIGNMENT : Respond to two of your peers and provide feedback. Is there anything you would add to their response? Are there any issues you can foresee and would expand on?

POST # 1

In this discussion, I will be focusing on a Medical Organization. The first thing this organization will need is an onsite network to store all patient files. the network would also sever the purpose of being able to pull up patient files from any computer in the building. That being said the computer thems self won’t need a lot just the basic storage. the CPU and ram they will not need a high end to get the job done for a medical service. The software they will need is encryption to protect the patient and I’m sure they will have there own software to make it easier for them to look up patient information.

POST # 2

For this discussion I am going to focus on a Global Company. A Global Company would need multiple volume licenses for their software. They may also need to download different versions of software in different languages. Each location could also be performing vastly different tasks, because of this I would say a Global company would need their volume licenses to be handled by each physical location instead of the entire company getting one volume license for each type of software. A Global Company would also need an ERP system to track inventory throughout all locations. This would allow each location to see inventory at other locations and request transfers. The ERP system could also handle many other tasks for the company. A large global company would also need each user to have a login and password so access to information could be controlled. Having usernames and passwords would make it much easier to enforce restrictions to sensitive data. Another consideration would be the ability to do multiple tasks. Since this is a large company with multiple different departments, software that can work for more than one area of the company is a big money saver.


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