Write a report with a short presentation slide

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Team Research Report: Assessment of Two Managers (You only need to do one which is JackMa)

You will prepare a report that evaluates the management approach of two real managers(As mentioned above, you only need to do JackMa). In the report you should compare the two managers and assess whether they are effective managers and leaders. The report will be most interesting if you choose two managers who have different management approaches but are both effective.

In making your assessment, you should address whether the two managers:

  • have strong technical, conceptual, and human skills;
  • have articulated their organizations’ missions, visions, and strategies;
  • consider a wide range of stakeholders in their decisions;
  • have built strong organizational cultures;

The most important criterion in choosing the managers is whether you will be able to collect the information needed to thoroughly understand and evaluate their management approaches. You must be able to find independent information and not simply believe what they tell you. The information you collect can come from documents, interviews, and other sources.

Your report should apply concepts and theories from the textbook, slides, and video lectures(I will attach it). Your conclusions should compare the two managers and be supported by evidence(The other manager is BillGates; so if you feel like you can include a good comparison between the two managers, that would be great). Challenge yourself to reach the highest levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

Your reports should be clearly organized, follow standard report format(Please use MLA format, and double space), employ proper grammar and punctuation, and if applicable be thoroughly and properly cited and referenced. Prior to submitting your report, you must check it for originality using turnitin.com. I will consider the originality reports in assigning grades.

The length is up to you, but I suggest not over 2 pages. Around 1 and a half page would be good!


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