Write a short 2-page essay on one of the following topics:

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(1) Wall-E and Waltz with Bashir are both animated films, but they use animated for profoundly different purposes and to create profoundly different moods. How do Wall-E and Waltz with Bashir use animation in order to create 2 very different worlds, with 2 very different moods?

(2) Andrew Stanton, the director of Wall-E, mentioned in his TED Talk that viewers want to “work for their meals.” We have already talked about how this idea relates to our understanding of Wall-E and movies more generally. Now, how does this idea about viewers working for their meals relate to our understanding of Waltz with Bashir? Does it seem like the viewers need to piece things together in this film, just as they did with Wall-E, or is something different going on here?


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