Write a short essay about novel I Kill Giants

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  1. Write a minimum 200 words.
  2. Use at least two quote sandwiches from chapters 1-4 in I Kill Giants to support your answer.
  3. Write your response in the form of a PIE paragraph.
  4. Choose one of the following topics:


Choose one only. 🙂

A. At the end of Chapter 2, we see Barbara wearing a knight’s helmet and breastplate sitting at a bus stop and talking to some faeries. What Barbara might be hiding from?


B. In Chapter 3, Barbara is talking with the school counselor who asks Barbara if her sister is “dumb.” Barbara is busy drawing a she responds, “No. She’s not dumb like other people. She’s ‘special.’” Barbara’s crayon snaps and breaks. Discuss what this dialogue and the snapped crayon are inferring and trying to tell us. What does Barbara think about her brother and sister?


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