Write a Summary for dating scenarios, writing assignment

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There are 4 attached documents. 2 are pdf and 2 in a word doc.  The word(Quandre Berryman-Dating) doc is what I was turned in and needs improvment by way of the teachers comments listed below(please review and fallow them).  The other word doc is the work of a classmate (Summary_Dating) whom scored high for the assignment ( us it just for a guide line to help you) Also, the 2 pdf’s are the reading/summary assignment.. 1 has teachers highlights and the other does not.  


Your summary of the WHAT of the article starts to dig into the
complex nuances of the article’s purpose and argument. Continue to build off of
this initial close reading as you refine this draft. You may feel free to
revise this work employing my marginal comments and the end notes provided

1. Your first paragraph should just include an introduction of
the article title and author background and a clear and concise summary of the
article’s purpose and central argument (the WHAT).

2. Summary of the article’s main points needs to be in your own
words, and it needs to be objective and free from personal opinion and

3. Your summary of HOW the article communicates its central
purpose and argument should just cover those main points relevant to
illustrating the article’s WHAT. 

4. Need to summarize the article’s larger WHY/significance
(according to the article itself vs. your own interpretations of why it

5. Correct MLA citation needs to be employed on your Works Cited
page. See notes about citation under the Summary Task Folder. 

6. Edit carefully for spelling issues. 

Questions to help you summarize: 

1. List the differences between calling and dating. 

2. How did “lower-class” and “middle-class” values shape the
perception and practice of dating? 

3. Explain the connection between money and power in dating. 


1. How do dating and courtship differ?

2. Compare the dating system described by Bailey in 1988 to the dating
system you know today. 

More things to help you….. 




Para. Intro/title/author/ about the author=what are their credentials

sentences = summarize the what



Body Para How is
the What communicated?

Body Para (last
one) Why- does this text matter to other scholars? 



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