Write an email to the mother of my daughter Hannah with her accomplishments, assignment help

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Please write an email to the mother of my daughter. It’s a monthly email that I am required to send her everyday month! 

My daughter’s Accomplishments for this month! 

She now but her shoes jacket away, where they belong. (I could accomplish this using a tactic called positive inforsment) 

She started using words like his her mine, instead of daddy’s mommy’s. 

She also is asking about more specific kind of food! And would set on table till she finished! 

She show signs of independence, open the car door by her self, setting herself inside the car, putting putting setbult on and off. 

Also now, using DAILY POSITIVE REPETITIVE EXPERIENCES, every Thursday, she can tell that she is going to see mommy tomorrow! I keep telling her that every Thursday after parenting classes when driving home ! So now she knows. 

Lastly, her surgery is going to take place on Monday Jan 25th at Inova Fairfax Hospital. During that week I will keep you updated with emails. 


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