write one word sheet analyzing the scenario manager for a thrift shop business

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Write one word sheet (500 word) paragraph about the Excel sheet analyzing the Thrift shop business ( attached the Excel sheet about the thrift shop ) and the paragraph should contain:

1-Introduction: like; what are you doing?, What is the problem with the thrift shop business?, should thrift shop expand or it should in its footprint?.

2-Assumption: What assumption when you making this business?, inflation assumption, is the economic in boom or recession?, cost of assumption.

3-Risk: Interest rate(high or low), tax rate (up or down), inflation (more or less)

4-Result: analyze the scenario manager schedule.

5-Conclusion: conclude you thoughts and your business decision.

NOTE: you can change the R (recession) to B (boom), and H ( high ) to L (low) to see the result and make your decision


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