writing a reflection paper

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completed surveys. This means you “took” and scored each survey. You must score
the survey to know the result, which then leads to learning. Sometimes you will
have more than three surveys to choose from. When this happens, choose the
three surveys that are most interesting to you.(I did this step , but I need help in step 2. Pleas write about the attached survey )

2-3 page reflection paper. This should be double-spaced and in APA style.

Reflection Paper

paper should not focus on the survey scores, but rather should focus on
what you learned from those scores. You don’t have to write about all three
surveys. In fact, it’s better if you choose one or two that are more meaningful
to you. The key to a good reflection paper is the depth of your analysis.

ways that you can achieve depth of analysis are to use the concepts to:

a past situation you’ve experienced

specific goals you might set

specific actions you might take to be more effective at work.

is best if you don’t think/write in generalities such as, “I tend to be a
good communicator at work and it helps my team solve problems.” What is better
is to give an example of an occurrence where your communication actually helped
solve the problem. Write about the actual event.

way you can demonstrate depth of analysis is to discuss in specific terms how
you will use the concept to be a better manager. For example, you can talk
about how you plan to use your communication skills during meetings to reduce
conflict between yourself and another person. You should write about tone, body
language, etc. The more specific you are, the more likely it is that you will
actually reach your goals or take the actions.


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