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The American writer Joseph Campbell said that at the end of the hero’s journey, the hero is changed. Explain how this is or is not true for everyday heroes.

outline based on it develop more and write a paper in 950 words only using resources down there!

  1. Introduction
  2. Hook: Only a hero understands what makes a hero.
  3. Background information: The reason why heroes are heroes is that they share a common trait and never gives up their faith no matter how dangerous. It is the same for super hero or everyday hero.
  4. Thesis statement: After several crises, heroes will become stronger, but they will never change their beliefs.

Body paragraph 1

  1. Topic sentence: Firstly, there is the fact that heroism in itself is a journey.
  2. Supporting detail: Heroism is a journey that many are not willing to endure in the name of being heroes. The challenges experienced in the journey may facilitate changes in an individual.
  3. Source (as direct quote or summary): Therefore, in as much as a person’s traits may change in the journey of becoming a hero, their beliefs always stand regardless of the situation just as Campbell states that heroism is a journey.

IV. Conclusion

The issue of heroes being changed by their situations is debatable. In the same way, people go through diverse experiences in life that change them to whom they ultimately become. Every hero’s journey is different, hence, the effects and changes of the journey will most definitely be different. The bottom line is that changes will be dependent on the nature of experiences that they each go through.





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