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Week 5 discussion 1

Cooperation in Building Safer Communities

Briefly describe the four steps towards developing safer communities that police labor and management can take together. Identify and describe two or three difficulties that can be anticipated during implementation of this four-step process. How would you suggest enacting this process in a fiscally restrictive environment?

James wrote:

In law enforcement there is an emphasis on trying to make any community safer for the public. When it comes to police labor and management working together there are four main steps that will allow for this to happen when put in to action. The first step is for the department to scan and see exactly where the problems are within the communities. This basically means that management needs to get together with the officers and see exactly what the problem areas are within a community. This could be a drug issue, prostitution, or even gangs. The second step in this process is for the department to collect data on this issues. The department could get this information from polling the public. This is a great source of information in anything that a police department needs to find information about. The best way to find any information out is to get it from the people that it affects. The third step in this process is to respond to the issue that is found. This means that the management and department has to come together and figure out the best way to implement the response needed. The final stage in this process is to analyze how well the response worked. You could poll the public to see how they feel that the response worked. They are the best people to get feed back from because they live in the areas that were affected.

In any implementation of this process you can expect to have issues. The first issue is that you have to get both areas on the same page. This can be hard at times because not everyone will agree on everything. Another issue can be on the response stage. If you do not have the proper response then everything could go terribly wrong. You could find that the public may have issues with your response to the crime. It could cause issues within the communities. There could be a lot of problems if not everyone is on the same page. You could have problems with a community if you start talking of crime in their area that they were not aware of also.

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