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Week 4 discussion 2(Da)

Raising Capital for your Police Organization

What method of fund raising would you recommend for a police agency to raise capital? Do you think that it is acceptable for police departments to initiate and/or fundraise in the community? Does this compromise the ethics of the department?  Could it create a community sentiment of entitlement?  

Our discussion first, individuals response, need the bad and good of post, list references thanks

amar Police Department has raised funds for special programs such as the Special Response Team (SRT) and the K-9 Unit through barbecues and community activities.  This has provided vital resources that improve our department and ability to not only respond to our citizen’s needs, but also those in the surrounding communities.  We have also sought funds for these units through our local community activity boards and committees.  This can provide the opportunity for the responsibility to promote certain programs or activities that may not be in line with the entire city.  This is a failure of ethical standards as we are responsible to treat all the same.  The promotion of certain programs is not unethical if it benefits all citizens in an equal manner.

The generalized fundraising such as barbecues and raffles is not conducive to entitlement, but accepting funds from certain companies or political groups can be unethical.  This can also lead to a sense of entitlement by that company or organization due to the invested money and expected results.  The community generally has a sense of entitlement regarding the police department.  The comment, “I pay your salary” is very common and is generated by their sense that you owe them something.

The question of ethics can be argued from a different angle as those investing in these programs now have a vested interest in the police department.  A dramatic increase in citizen concern and involvement has been seen through these programs.  They can be positive and help the citizen realize the good that their department is trying to accomplish.


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