You need to understand Chinese culture to complete this article

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Select an aspect of Chinese culture such as: Chinese tea and Chinese cuisine, Buddhism and Confucianism, or traditional Chinese art. Express your understanding of Chinese culture

1) Between 500 and 750 words (not less than 2 pages and not longer than 3 pages), typed, double
spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12.

2) Write in proper academic paper format. Use full grammatical and coherent sentences and
paragraphs, NOT point form.

3) Be honest. Write in your own words. Write your Word Count (excluding bibliography, charts,
or tables) at the end of your paper.

4) Cite two scholarly works (e.g., books or journal articles, NOT webpages) not from our textbook
or posted readings on Moodle.

5) Reference should follow APA style.

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