Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on authentic assessment performance task-political media.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on authentic assessment performance task-political media. &nbsp.

In a report issued to the associated press, Cain’s campaign characterized the politico allegation as ’dredging up thinly obtained allegations’ from his term at the trade group. J.D. Gordon, Cain’s spokesman, dismissed the claim and termed it a personal attack. He pointed out that the press was molding accusations on his character and spreading gossips that lacked facts. During an interview with Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera, Gordon asserted that the allegations were purely rumors and had no basis. He further emphasized that the allegations were politically stirred and were only meant to destroy Cain’s political career (Drash &Wayne, 2001).&nbsp. This information can be considered objective since the politician’s spokesman is well quoted. However, it can also be regarded as non-objective, as the speaker does not have any tangible evidence that what he is saying is the truth on the ground.

According to the norms of objectivity, the information should be quoted. Some of the presses have struggled to observe this, to make this information valid. Some women have come out to give firsthand knowledge to the media on how they were harassed sexually by the man. The intersubjectivity of the information provided by the sources can help in identifying whether the press is bias, or whether the subject is just another political weapon against the politician (Hallowell, 2011)

&nbsp.Intersubjectivity is a shared understanding amongst more than one person. Intersubjectivity comes up when the subjects have e common experience, shared knowledge, age, or social interaction. Intersubjectivity varies by degrees. Intersubjectivity can be attained to the point that the topics focus on the same information. they interpret it similarly and make similar inferences. Intersubjectivity can be acquired because the subjects make similar inferences and store and retrieve the premises in an analogous manner. The issues select and similarly apply their following messages. When total intersubjectivity is attained, then we can claim that the information is from a reliable source. We shall look at the intersubjectivity of the different sources that the press used to pass information about the vying politician.

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