Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on development of genetic experimentation.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on development of genetic experimentation. Genetic engineering has continued to gain popularity in the modern world, especially in the past few years with some people terming the move as incredible while others strongly opposing it and calling for its regulation. Therefore, these controversies raise the issue of determining the extent at which genetic experimentation and development should be allowed, especially experiments that involve the creation of human life in the laboratory, stem cell research, and the cloning of human beings.

Exploring this ingenious technology and elaborating its advantages and disadvantages is very crucial for a reasonable recommendation to be made. Cloning involves the replication of an organism and producing an exact reproduction of it (Yount 68). The first case of successful cloning was made in 1996 that involved the creation of a cloned sheep known as Dolly. Genetic reconstruction/development, on the other hand, is a form of genetic engineering that is used in replacing human genes primarily to enhance or help the life of an unborn baby for medical grounds or for the parents’ preference. The technology is also known as stem cell research and it deals with destruction, creation, and usage of human embryos. The technology was initially used in livestock and crops before it was introduced to human beings and it had proven to be a prudent idea in controlling diseases and pests as well as producing high-quality products. So far there has not been identified any long term effect of the technology.

Human genetic engineering has numerous advantages whose impact into the society and the world, in general, would call for a pressing need of promoting the technology with all the resources it requires. Combating diseases is among the highly notable benefits of technology (Spangenburg and Diane 55). With technology, scientists have been able to produce vaccines and medicines that have completely eradicated some inherited disease that used to be a major problem a few decades ago.

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