Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on does using cell phones make people more or less connected.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on does using cell phones make people more or less connected. Through critical analysis, it is possible to ascertain whether cell phone has brought a positive effect in connectivity or otherwise. To achieve this objective, it would be important to discuss various factors that surround this contemporary technology and the ethical concerns attached to it. Cell phone influence the level of connectivity cuts across a larger scope of society by incorporating various individuals and institutions. The business community has employees, managers, customers, and other stakeholders who need to interact for various reasons. People in their social desires need to interact with others and share ideas band requires increased connectivity. Various governments need to share important information on foreign policies, trade, and other relevant diplomatic agendas. All these require connectivity. Prior to the invention of the cell phone, there was significant difficulty and inefficiency in connectivity. It is also worth noting that other connectivity technology included stationary telephone booths which required one to restrict communication on such locations.

Cell phones have a sophisticated technology with the ability to save various contacts which can readily be retrieved and used for communication. This makes it easy to continuously communicate with people even after physical distance. This has made it easier to meet one in a short while just take his/her contact and call later. In this regard, the cell phone has significantly boosted connectivity with convenience. Cell phones are also referred to as mobile phones since they are portable and can be carried anywhere by the user. This means that communication can be done anywhere at any time if the environment allows it and the network is available. In this respect, there has been increased communication between people which gradually improves how deep to know each other.&nbsp.This is a different case if people were still using other forms like a telephone booths with limited time and waiting time which restricted one to the precise and short conversation (Turkle 73-5). The cost of cell phone acquisition and subsequent maintenance through the purchase of airtime is relatively cheap.&nbsp.

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