Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on dollar general uses integrated software.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on dollar general uses integrated software. Synchronization of the working of different legacy software suites and preexisting technology platform is a major challenge in the way of optimal systems integration. The paper helps in developing a suggestive roadmap for the utilization of more systems integration tools.

In this paper, the different key issues around Dollar General’s IT integration will be discussed on a question-answer basis. The discussion will help in developing a deeper understanding of the Dollar General case study. Furthermore, theoretical emphasis will focus on systems integration for developing a better understanding of the topic in general. The overall quest of enterprise integration will also be explained in certain specific contexts, as raised in the case study related questions.

While analyzing Dollar General’s requirements and the business issues it faced, a case analyst should first examine its sector or industry of operation. Although Dollar General primarily operates in the retail industry, it embarks on a variety of processes and tasks. These business processes and tasks involve warehousing and selling of food products, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), apparel and fashion products, etc. However, processes that involve buying and selling of homes (and related financial tasks) are much more complicated and transaction dependent. Therefore, the company’s operations were drastically diversifying and they were rapidly growing as well. Examining more specifically, it can be stated that the company was operating various department-wise information systems. Examples included a separate payroll system, separate asset management system and related electronic ledgers, area-wise auditing and sales processing systems, and so on.

Now, specific emphasis on specific information systems called for a huge synchronization interface. Otherwise, the company was supposed to hire highly skilled IT staff members for managing every store and every branch of the company’s every department.

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