Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on inequality issue in canada.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on inequality issue in canada. The level of inequality in the developing countries was initially higher, but after 1980 the level of concentration of incomes in the developed countries significantly increased. The reason was not only the difficulties faced by the middle class but the fact that the rich became richer.

Notwithstanding that Cаnada successfully resolves the problem of inequality and the social mobility in the society is high, the income distribution of the population remains unfair: the incomes of 1% of the richest class are growing during last decades, while the incomes of poor continue to decrease. “Governments are also downwardly redistributive. The most obvious effect is through the tax and transfer system (although the progressivity of Canada’s tax system has diminished). Government spending also redistributes income downward. This is partly because public sector pay scales are more compressed than the private sector — with a higher floor and a lower ceiling. As public sector activities form a larger proportion of GDP, inequality moderates. The retrenchment of the Canadian public sector since 1992 has thus contributed to the issue of redistribution” (Growth of inequality in Canada cannot be denied). Moreover, the inequality in Canada grows faster than in the USA and other countries. The inequality is traced among separate citizens, towns and regions. In Atlantic regions inequality is less developed in comparison to the rich provinces like Alberta. Inequality is also growing in big cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal. There is a connection between the level of income and the duration of life. The inequality of income is highly expressed among native Canadians and other residents. Indians have fewer employment opportunities and they very often are not able to satisfy basic needs. The reasons for inequality are too serious differences in salaries for qualified and non-qualified workers, shifts in the market&nbsp.structure, the growth of the self-employed population, allowances reduction. “When growth is looked at over the long term, the trade-off between efficiency and equality may not exist.

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