Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on interdisciplinary curriculum unit.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on interdisciplinary curriculum unit. enabled me to appreciate the interdependencies that exists between living organism on the universe and their importance in the environment in which we live. This study has enabled the appreciation of the need to the adoption of certain lifestyles for healthy living conditions for living organisms. I am motivated by the enormous knowledge that I have gathered in the course of my research work. During this process I managed to learn more about the living organisms’ interrelationships and their duties in the environmental sustainability (Anderson, 2001).

I acquired much important knowledge on the study of human body particularly the cell membrane and its components. However, my research work did not cover the entirety of the human body organs and their functions and as such. I intend to carry on with my research on that section of study. As a teacher, I believe that such firsthand information will impact positively in my career as a biology teacher. This will enable me to impact my students with analytical skills useful in the study of biology. This study has enabled me to acquire the knowledge of making materials more salient. This has helped to create opportunities for research at an appropriate level which will help me teach on research more competently. With this experience, I managed to adopt and create a molecular evolution lab for teaching the DNA sequential data (Benjamin, 2002).

This study has also enabled the integration to parallel disciplines associated with independent learning like reading literature, data evaluation and concepts, logic associated with trouble shooting, and synthesis of conclusions. This has enabled the development in key areas interrelated to the study such as the literature in science and use of mathematical models in the analysis of findings, as well as history through the inquiry (Benjamin, 2002).

The subject matter in this integrated curriculum unit will enable in the development of professionals in the field of science.

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