Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on physical security system design.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on physical security system design. Security unavoidably incurs charges and, in actuality, it won’t be perfect or whole. This implies that security can limit but will not totally eradicate threats. Due to this, robust physical security uses the idea of defense in complexity using a suitable blend of coinciding and harmonizing controls. It is to the security engineers, architects and specialists to stabilize security controls in contrast to risks, considering the costs of stipulating, managing the control, implementing, using, testing, developing, managing, along with broader aspects such as safety, health, aesthetics, human rights, and communal norms or conventions.

Burglary and robbery from built-up premises levy an important charge to the community. The familiarity of being robbed is sometimes troubling for victims left violated, unsafe, and angry in an individual’s home. Common burglaries happen in the daylight hours, as most homes are often empty. Though, it is important to safeguard that the home is safe at all times (Purpura, 2013).

Burglary is the act of which is unlawful access into a structure for the reasons for committing a felony. Normally that offense will be stealing. A number of choices to consider may exist, where there is no best solution to satisfy a given set of solutions.

Deterrence: The main purpose of these is to assure potential invaders that the likely charges of attack surpass the value of engaging the attack. The connection of layered security structures creates the occurrence of territoriality. The early layer of security for an office, building, campus, or other given physical space applies crime deterrence through the environmental establishment to discourage threats. (Purpura, P. 2013)

Access control: The other layer that is mechanical including locks, doors, and gates.

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