Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the solar powered manufacturing plant project.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the solar powered manufacturing plant project. Computer products are in high demand because of the informational people are living in, making the project worth investing in. the design of the building will provide some 2000 sq. meters for putting solar panels on the roof. It will help to utilize the space occupied by the panels and the plant.

The commercial aspect of the project is the cornerstone of it because computer products are in high demand. The projects want to inspire people to think of ways of manufacturing structures that can sustain itself and doesn’t affect the environment. It would revolutionize the building of manufacturing plants and helps the generations to come in designing buildings that will sustain the environment.

The project will require experienced architects who are innovative and aware of the environment. The architects will consult with environmental officials to ensure the plant is located in an ideal space. The manufacturing plant is a green plant because it won’t affect the environment through emissions and can be located anywhere provided there is enough space. The materials proposed by the architects should be readily available. The project can locate on the outskirts of London because it is less busy compared to the central district division.

The proposal will use the theory of defined structures. In this theory, the manufacturing plant and structures must have a defined shape and all elements must be defined. During its designing stage, all construction materials are identified and stated. The structures are drawn to show how the building will appear. In this case, the construction of the structure will give room for the manufacturing plant. The design will give provision where the solar panel will place in order to maximize exposure to the sun. The theory will offer guidance in the development of the concept. The concept is then transformed into reality after funding is found sufficient and contractors have looked at the building&nbsp.plan.

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