Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the sun as an energy source.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the sun as an energy source. Solar energy is the most experienced form of energy due to its accessibility, and the ease of converting solar energy to electricity. Many solar energy conversion technologies present sustainable and promising potentials in providing renewable energy that does not only reduces the cost of electricity but could also deliver effective mitigating solutions to the environmental problems we have today.

The International Energy Agency expresses its confidence over the positive impacts that solar energies could bring to the world. The agency states that the creation of low-cost, unlimited and untainted solar energy technologies will have “huge longer-term benefits” (International Energy Agency, “Solar Energy Perspectives”). The energy agency adds that the stable generation of solar power through the use of solar energy conversion technologies will ensure energy security in many countries. and will cut dependence on power plants that use radioactive materials, which are potentially pernicious to human health. It will also lower down the energy cost, improve sustainability, will help reduce pollution, and will lessen the effects of climate change. Therefore, the agency stresses that since this innovative approach requires a substantial amount of financial investments, careful planning must be employed for an efficient expenditure of financial resources (International Energy Agency, “Solar Energy Perspectives”).

Normally, the Earth obtains a sizeable load of radiation from the sun. On average, our planet takes at least 174 pent watts of solar energy (Smil 240). Of this, 70 percent is absorbed by the Earth by the clouds, oceans, and ground forms including the mountains and the plains among others. The sun’s rays could either be& or diffuse (SECO, “Solar Energy”). The direct solar radiation is a type of radiation that travels straight from the sun to the surface of the Earth, on its upper atmosphere.&nbsp.

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