Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what are blogs all about, abuse on the internet.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what are blogs all about, abuse on the internet. One general definition of the virtual community is offered by Boetcher (et al, 2002). “Online or virtual community is the gathering of people in an online ‘space’ where they come, communicate, connect, and get to know each other better over time.” The most common place where these communities form is called a ‘blog.’

One of the best ways of explaining a blog was offered by Ann Bruckman. She describes virtual communities by making a comparison to the neighborhood bars of her youth in her article “Finding One’s Own Space in Cyberspace.” One of these bars was “absolutely terrifying. Huge, bearded men bulging out of their leather vests and pants leered at me. I hid in the corner and tried not to make eye contact with anyone” (Bruckman, 1996: 129). The physicality of the environment with the reciprocal stereotyping that occurred on both sides (Bruckman and the men in the bar) prevented any of these conversations from happening and precluded any possibility of future intellectual or cultural encounters. By removing questions of physicality, though, online communities can facilitate much greater communication among cultures and interest groups. This is because conversations are held according to true interest levels rather than being based upon or limited by a specific physical image or location.

Like the outer appearance and name of a bar, virtual communities are most often presented with a brief description of the purpose of the group. These can be anything from a restricted think-tank for a corporation to an openly casual grouping of people who are interested in the mating habits of green hummingbirds. They can be focused on broad as well as narrow topics and give people a chance to interact in a number of bars filled with other people who are already screened to be interested in the same things. Because they are conversations held online, these communities can meet at any time from anywhere and members never need to worry about how they are dressed.

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