Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what happened to mayan civilization.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what happened to mayan civilization. The researchers of the Maya civilization believed that there was surely a catastrophic event that doomed the Mayans. The event may be an earthquake, an epidemic disease, flood, or a volcanic eruption. Such a disastrous event can be the only explanation behind the immediate downfall of civilizations. It is reasonable that a large number of people can be killed or displaced only if a sudden hazard takes place. It can at once kill people and destroy cities. The theory is widely celebrated for the reason of the fall of the Mayan civilization (Thompson, p96).

The theory matches with religious explanations of the causes of the falls of the nations. This theory as regards the Mayan civilization was however rejected because history shows that Mayan civilization took about 200 years for its downfall. it was not sudden. Some of the cities declined while many flourished for quite a reasonable part of the time. Had there been an earthquake, flood, disease, or volcanic eruption, each and everything would have simultaneously been removed from the surface of the earth. As this was not the situation, the theory was rejected by a large faction of researchers.

The Mayans were a peaceful civilization. But their later history reveals that they were a warring people always busy in wars among in between and against others. Their historical record tells of the fact that they always discovered newer methods of warfare. The stone-carvings deciphered recently openly tell that Mayans fought frequently among themselves. Cities went to battles quite often worth mentioning of which are Tikal, Copan, and Dos Pilas. In 760 A.D, Dos Piloas was destroyed after the ruthless invasion. The theory is quite an interesting and reasonable explanation of the causes of the downfall of the Mayan civilization. History has always told that mutual war-fares and misunderstandings have caused the nations to drown in the seas of obscurity. The researchers have only one query here. whether they fought enough to bring their downfall? This is quite reasonable that war brings with it human sufferings, financial crises, and collateral damage. They warred with each other and the cities of the Mayan civilization caught the fire of distrust and discontent sufficient enough to disbelieve them their culture (Miller, p18).

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