Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what is expected of a male in terms of appearance and behavior.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what is expected of a male in terms of appearance and behavior. Some stayed patterns of behavior and ways of outlook are existing in today’s world. A huge number of them belong to gender distinction. According to Begley (66-67) types of behavior and representing appearance provide a strong division of people in the male and female accordance.

He also suggests that stereotypes constitute a trap in which people may fall down. And people really get caught by this trap. The question is what is happened when a person does not follow some stereotypic pattern? And are the implications positive or it leads to some problems in relations with society?

Let us take an image of a man in today’s world. Rudman and Glick (30-32) argued that a male representative should be independent and strong. It is the one who protects a weak gender and provides a woman with support and a huge shoulder.

It considered being a strong stereotypical pattern of male representatives. It goes through the history and is laid genetically in our minds. Our brain computer is reflected as a general stereotype, a rule which every man are to follow. And if some features of cowardice or timidity occur in the actions of male representatives it causes disapproval and disfavor of the society.

Moreover, it may provoke the scoffing of different kinds. Such displays of people’s perception lead to distraction of personality and even to mental problems. It may generate inner complexes and close personality to communicate with people. Normal existence of such a person becomes impossible and he is needed some psychological support in this case.

Also, it is widely known that activities and hobbies have some gender division. It is not strict and everyone is free to do and be engaged by everything he likes. Still, some male and female preferences are reflected in the activities we go in for. Everyone agrees that embroidery, shopping, figure skating, and fashion belongs to more women interests and it is female occupations mostly. While football, wrestling, carpenter work or racing games are related to male occupations and men pertain to these kinds of pastime mostly.

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