Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on why we are not one nation under god.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on why we are not one nation under god. It was from this point the notion “one nation under God” was created. Gradually, the public and the government embraced the inclusion of religious-affiliated phrases in the national pledges. In addition, United States presidents included religious phrases in their speeches and public announcement. For instance, most American presidents include the phrase “God Bless America” in speeches. From this point, the United created the assumption that they are one great nation under God. However, is really the United States One Nation under God?

In the modern century, the history of this creation is occasionally disregarded. This is based on the assumption that religious significance in the social and political system has significantly diminished. The only way religious significance is retained is from that all people have to state the phrase under God while saying the loyalty pledge. However, the occasional recitation does not depict the real perception of the United States citizens. Considering Ronald Reagan’s assumption on religion, what can be the outcome of the disregards of religion and god in the United States? This paper will analyze the depth at which the United States can be regarded as one nation under God.

In an argument by Wintrobe religion has not lost its significance in the United States (78). The author further points out that, modern society does not display religious perception as the society a century back (Wintrobe 78). However, the lack of religious expression does not mean the end of religious practices in the nation. The same argument is supported by Greenbergwho points out that the role of religion in the United States has not been diminished (par 3). Analyzing the national pledges in the constitution, one realizes that religious-affiliated phrases have not been excluded. For this reason, every time an American recites the pledge, they realize a sense of belonging in religion.

This culture has been existence for centuries as all American citizens are tutored on the importance of the national pledges and all words in them.

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